In-Depth Print News Article Portfolio, The Dispatch 2019 - 2020

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Film & Videography Portfolio

The Players —

Nick Leon @grandmaster.orchestra

Blaise Eldred @sexxpop

Connor Mizell @connor.mizell

John Kuzmick @johns_cosmic_wonderland

Jaxon Casey @jaxon.casey

Kenneth Frost @kennethfrosty

Nick Dow @nickydeezz

Everett Bergstedt @deepfakediva

Producer — Nolan Potter @stonerofalonelyheart @nolanpottersnightmareband

Recording Engineer — @whathappenedtowill @oversleptaudio

Studio — Electric Deluxe @electricdeluxerecorders

Song — “Bracelets of Fingers” by The Pretty Things (1968)

Film — Mars Salazar @sonicmarz

Developed in Burbank, California by Pro8mm @pro8mm

Canon Auto Zoom 518 Super 8mm Film Camera (circa. 1964)